3 Tips For Wine Tours

Want to have the best wine tour experience ever?? We’ll give you the run down on how to make the best of your next wine outing. We are the wine experts after all, are we not?

So let us dive into this blog, but first check out this awesome wine video!

As you can see, we had a major major blast on this tour.


Tip #1:  Get out early to avoid the crowds – if you don’t get an early start on Saturdays and Sunday’s you will lose valuable time, but you want to talk directly to winemakers to get the scoop on your fav wines. Go with a friend too, you’ll have more fun 🙂

Tip #2: DONT DRIVE. It’s not the best idea even if you haven’t drank much wine. You basically have three options – hire a driver, have a D D, or join a small group tour of 3-5 people. Meet other wine lovers while someone else chauffeurs you!

Tip 3: Eat Like One Of The Town Locals! Always take time to try some of the local eateries, check yelp for the best rated eateries in the town you are wine touring. A lot of times you’ll find some great places. There are even 5-course options in high class wine areas. Worth checking out!!

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Next time we will review some great Eastern Washington winery’s! Thanks for reading.