Month: September 2017

Get Healthy Drinking Wine

A glass of chardonnay can help fight heart disease and increase your overall health. Recent studies have stated that drinking 1 glass of wine = running 1 mile at the gym. Crazy right!

If you’re looking for a new excuse to drink a glass of red wine to yourself, we’ve got more than a few that are bound to make you feel happier and healthy at the same time. Stick to only one drink a day to reap the best benefits. There are numerous studies that have taken place that have proven this theory.

#1: It Can Fight heart disease A glass of wine will increase the blood level of inflammation, omega-3 fatty acids, this is according to a recent report in the American Journal. This means a healthier heart overall.

#2: Boost bone strength Have a drink and you will lower your risk of bone fracture later on in your life by as much as 22 percent. Scientists say the effect is the fact that alcohol will increase estrogen and other important hormones important to strong bones.

#3: Protect your liver People who drink one-two glass of wine daily have almost half the risk of fat liver disease compared to teetotalers.. Those who had amounts of beer or vodka actually did the opposite and increased their odds of the disease more than four times.

One of my friends Fred of water damage Seattle  had two heart attacks before the age of 60. He is now 64 years old running his business and has never felt better after drinking wine daily.

Long story short.. Take a chance on drinking wine daily and see how you feel!