Month: July 2017

Live to be 100.. Drink Wine!

If you didn’t already know drinking wine is extremely healthy for you. Harvard medical school confirmed in 2007 that wine improves cardiovascular properties in our body that helps us live longer. It’s a wonder why everybody doesn’t drink it! In this post we will give 5 benefits that drinking wine gives you. Some of these will surprise you i’m sure.

Benefit #1- Get Smarter:

Resveratrol in wine will help improve short-term memory. After one day of testing, scientists found faster performance in the brain associated with the formation of new memories and learning.

Benefit #2 – Helps Witch Acne

Many of you with acne issues will love to hear this.. Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars and creams and treatments, the antioxidants in wine have been proven to be more effective. For best results consume with fruits and vegetables. Especially broccoli and spinage.

Benefit #3 – Wine Is Replacement For Gym

I have a hard time believing this but it is true, drinking wine improves heart and bone health just as much as drinking wine does. I would recommend doing both if i’m being honest!

Benefit #4 – Promote Healthy Vision 

Wine can help eyes with blood vessels out of control. University of Washington has tested this theory and it has proven to be an advantage to those with poor eyesight.

Benefit #5 – Cuts Cancer Risks 

No wine can’t cure cancer, but it can reduce the risk of you getting cancer. The cancer that wine can help is colon cancer, prostate cancer. This will also help with diabetes and having a stroke at an older age.

Hopefully you got a lot of value from this post, now you know to grab a bottle of wine next time you go to the store!

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